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SYNthesis Research

SYNthesis Research is a small molecule drug discovery company focussing on both early stage deal flow and strategic longer-term clinical development programs. Headquartered in Melbourne Australia, the SYNthesis Research team has a proud history of delivering clinical candidates, and has already built a strong pipeline of maturing drug discovery programs with our partners in various joint ventures and collaborations.

Our list of partners is impressive, and includes Australia’s most prestigious Medical Research Institute, the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research (WEHI), and Australia’s most important Cancer Research consortium, the Cancer Therapeutic Co-operative Research Centre (CTx-CRC).

The company has significant experience in progressing a risk-managed pipeline, both with a strategic emphasis on immunology and oncology (and therefore immuno-oncology), and a broader remit for tactical programs that offer short term benefit.

To date, the company has been funded through a close relationship with our sister company SYNthesis med chem, an Australian owned CRO based in Suzhou and Shanghai, China.

We bring a unique geographic focus, building from our base in Australia into the Asian corridor and beyond, as well as a deep skill-base in the small molecule drug discovery arena; a strong foundation from which to build and extend our pipeline.

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

The Institute is one of Australia’s leading biomedical research organisations, with a strong national and international reputation for performing highly influential basic and translational research.

With more than 1,100 staff and students, the Institute is addressing some of the major health challenges of our time, with a focus on cancer, infection, inflammation, immune disorders, development and ageing. We are at the forefront of research innovation, with a strong commitment to excellence and investment in research computing, advanced technologies and developing new medicines and diagnostics.

The Institute is organised around five themes; Cancer Research and Treatment; Infection, Inflammation and Immunity; Healthy Development and Ageing; New Medicines and Advanced Technologies and Computational Biology.

The Institute has a proven track record in translation and early-stage drug discovery and development. For example, venetoclax is a potent new anti-cancer drug, co-developed and trialled in Australia, and based on a landmark research discovery made at the Institute. The Institute is committed to delivering long term improvements in treating and diagnosing diseases in all therapeutic areas impacted by its scientific research, with more than 170 national and international clinical trials based on research undertaken at the Institute.

The Institute Drug Discovery Centre enables translation of basic discoveries from target discovery to small molecule lead compounds. Our Centre utilises state of the art ultra-high-throughput screening combined with strong medicinal chemistry capabilities, resulting in high quality hit discovery and hit-to-lead optimisation. It combines quality level and capabilities on par with facilities in the pharmaceutical industry with the innovation of academia.

The Institute Drug Discovery Centre is recognised as Australia’s National Drug Discovery Centre and has been federally funded to undertaking screening campaigns from academic research organisations throughout Australia. The Institute’s main laboratories are located in the world-renowned Parkville precinct, a vibrant and collaborative life science research, education and healthcare hub. The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute Biotechnology Centre is located 30 minutes from Parkville at La Trobe University’s R&D Park in Bundoora and includes facilities for medicinal chemistry and antibody development and production.

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute is Australia’s oldest medical research institute. It was founded in 1915 with financial support from a trust established by Eliza Hall, following the death of her husband Walter.

The vision was for an institute that ‘will be the birthplace of discoveries rendering signal service to mankind in the prevention and removal of disease and the mitigation of suffering’.

Nationally and globally significant areas of health are impacted by our research: Cancer including Immuno-Oncology; Immune Disorders and Inflammation; Infectious Diseases and Global Health; and Healthy Development and Ageing. Our translation capability is embedded into our Drug Discovery Centre that combines quality level and capabilities in screening and medicinal chemistry on par with facilities in the pharmaceutical industry with the innovation of academia.

For more information visit the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute website.

Embedded in Australia’s premiere biomedical research precinct