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  • We facilitate the transition from translational research to drug development
  • We oversee several small molecule drug discovery programs
  • We have partnering and licensing opportunities available

Who We Are

Catalyst Therapeutics Pty Ltd is an investment and project management company formed as a joint venture between the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research and SYNthesis Research. Our mission is to create value by accelerating proof-of-concept research and translating biological discoveries into new drug development candidates.

Such translation depends on early stage investment in high-throughput chemical screening and medicinal chemistry, an area where Australian funding continues to be minimal and unpredictable.

What We Do

Catalyst Therapeutics will focus on medicinal chemistry opportunities that align and synergise with the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute’s biology and clinical interests, and leverage medicinal chemistry expertise of SYNthesis Research and its sister company SYNthesis MedChem.

By supporting and funding projects aligned with the interests of both the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute and SYNthesis Research, the company will accelerate progress of these programs through the drug discovery and development pathway.

Catalyst Therapeutics has an impressive track record with two programs already being licensed by a major pharma company during early stages of development.